How to make a deal with Chinese bosses?

Jacky Chan, Jan 26, 2020
Chinese Boss

Now,Chinese Bosses belong to three kinds of people are born in 60's, 70's, 80's. 60's boss like to drink the wine to make a deal with customers. This age of people catch up Chinese reform of opening policies. They dare to open up business and achieve the success. They have poor childhood,but poverty make their mind firm. .....

Disposable vinyl glove factory location

Jacky Chan, Jan 26, 2020
disposable vinyl glove chicago factory

Manufacturing technology is imported from Taiwan. In North of China, the first vinyl glove factory is called “hongray” invested by Hebei province government. In the meantime in south of China, the first vinyl glove factory is born from Wuxi City in Jiangsu province. Now,let's talk about vinyl glove factories location in China.You can check the above map.....

Disposable pe glove factory location

Jacky Chan, Jan.29, 2020
disposable pe glove

Two Chinese main manufacturing base are located in Linyi City and Zhangjiagang City. 80% disposable pe glove are exported from these places.In Linyi City, there are also some manufacturers of pe film that is raw material for pe gloves....

Where to buy disposable gloves in the internet?

Jacky Chan, Mar.25, 2020
disposable glove manufacturers

Absolutely,you can buy it in Amazon. Beside it, there are many good onlineshops to suggest for you. 1.United States
A.Gloves-Online is your premier international internet site for information about gloves, and the glove industry. GO Gloves, which the company is commonly called today, was the very first web portal in the world devoted exclusively to gloves......

How to choose disposable pe glove

Jacky Chan, Jun.10, 2020
disposable pe glove

The main component of PE gloves is polyethylene. Its variety are LDPE,HDPE,CPE,TPE. Both are resistant to high temperatures and are white transparent disposable gloves. CPE gloves are more flexible than PE gloves.....

Some famous distributors of disposable gloves

Jacky Chan, Jun.26, 2020
the shipping container

Nova green is the leading provider of smart, sustainable solutions for catering and food manufacturing industries,driving increased Productivity, Food Safety and Infection prevention through the integration of new technology-enabled services and systems,ultimately enhancing our customers end user experience. Our products are designed to meet the food manufacturing industry standards like HACCP, ISO22000 & BRC.....

How to wear disposable vinyl gloves?

Jacky Chan, Jun.28, 2020

Step 1 - Check The Glove Size It's so important that the gloves you are about to put on are the right size. The correct size means they won't be too tight that they rip or too loose that they fall off or reduce dexterity. Glove sizes vary per manufacturer but we have a great guide to determine which one you will likely require.....

Choosing the Right Disposable Gloves

Jacky Chan, Oct.02, 2020
disposable latex glove

It is not surprising in the COVID-19 era that the disposable gloves market is set to grow by 14% in the next seven years. The global market of nitrile gloves in particular will be worth $8.98 billion according to experts......