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How to make a deal with Chinese bosses?

Jacky Chan, Jan 26, 2020
Chinese boss

Now,Chinese Bosses belong to three kinds of people are born in 60's, 70's, 80's.
60's boss like to drink the wine to make a deal with customers. This age of people catch up Chinese reform of opening policies. They dare to open up business and achieve the success. They have poor childhood,but poverty make their mind firm. They work hard to be the rich in the future. So they can drink more wine for business. Representative persons are Fuyao glass boss, Huawei boss. Doing business with 60's boss, you must show your firm will and courage at the table.
70's boss prefer to drink the tea with customers to do business.They have better childhood and good education. Their goal is going for perfect and success. Doing business is like making friends, slow business, slow discussion. If you want to make a deal with them, you should have patience and careful planing.
80's boss would like to eat delicious food with customers when they are talking about business. This kind of people are rich second generation.Their pursuits are happy and stimulate. Business culture is fast and decisive. There are a lot of money in their pockets because first generation earn enough money for them. You want to make a deal with them, just get their trust.
All the above bosses, I think most of them have same obvious character while not all have these characters. When you come to China for business, you can make a reference. That's all!!

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