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Disposable vinyl glove factory location

Jacky Chan, Jan 26, 2020
disposable vinyl glove factory location

Manufacturing technology is imported from Taiwan. In North of China, the first vinyl glove factory is called “hongray” invested by Hebei province government. In the meantime in south of China, the first vinyl glove factory is born from Wuxi City in Jiangsu province. Now,let's talk about vinyl glove factories location in China.You can check the above map.

In Hebei province,there are about 5 vinyl glove factories and it's more than 100 glove lines. Famous and large factory is like “Hongray” and”Wanli”.But their production lines are old and effected by Beijing government. If Chinese government hold an important meeting in Beijing, they will stop producing without any ideas.

In Shandong province,Bluesail and Intco are two bigger listed companies. They have more than 200 lines while their history is young.At the beginning, bluesail only produce PVC raw material and sell it to vinyl glove factories. Under the support of Qiru Petrochemical Corporation, bulesail invest into manufacturing vinyl gloves. Intco is vested by Basic Medical Company in USA. Its owner is called Liu Fang Yi is an oversea student in 1980s. He was hired by Hongray president as a translator in USA Expo. During the expo, he found an opportunity that trading vinyl gloves is profitable and open up his Basic trading company.

In Jiangsu province, one village factory in Wuxi city is divided into five vinyl glove factories. Their presidents are all from one same family called"Chan".Now, first factory is moved to Anhui province, second one is at Suqian in North of Jiangsu.There are about 3 vinyl glove factories in this city. Third and fourth are closed. Fifth is still operated in Wuxi. In Zhangjiagang, there is only one old vinyl glove factory to produce. Top glove also move their factory to North of Jiangsu.

In Fujian province, some Taiwan bosses also invest some vinyl gloves factories, but their lines are less than 100 lines.

In 1894, William Stewart Halsted, the first chief of surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital, invented rubber gloves in order to prevent medical staff from developing dermatitis from surgical chemicals. So far, disposable glove is used more than just rubber. Vinyl(polyvinyl chloride)glove is imported to China from Malaysia. It's the cheapest latex-free protection disposable glove.

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