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  • In 1980s,the first vinyl glove factory is found in Wuxi City.It's invested by village committee.There is only one glove line imported from Taiwan in factory.

  • In 1990s, five new vinyl glove factories were born from the first factory.They are all located in Wuxi City and total glove lines are up to more than 40.

  • In 2000s, two vinyl glove factories had to be moved out of wuxi city because of environment protection problem.
    Another two are bankrupted as bad management. So far, only one vinyl glove factory still produce disposable vinyl gloves in Wuxi City.

At the beginning,our president was a workshop manager in the village owned vinyl glove factory.

In 1997, he invested a new vinyl glove factory with one HK business partner.Vinyl glove lines are increased from 8 to 16 lines as business is better and better.

However, local government pay more attention on environment protection.He had to consider to move the factory.

So he and his business partners invested another new vinyl glove in Anhui province and sold out Wuxi factory.

After disposable vinyl glove business is stable, we open up a trading company office in Wuxi with LongerMed company.

Our product scope is disposable gloves.For example, disposable vinyl glove, disposable nitrile glove, disposable latex glove and disposable pe glove.