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Some famous distributors of disposable gloves

Jacky Chan, Jun 26, 2020
some famous distributors of disposable gloves

Nova green is the leading provider of smart, sustainable solutions for catering and food manufacturing industries,driving increased Productivity, Food Safety and Infection prevention through the integration of new technology-enabled services and systems,ultimately enhancing our customers end user experience. Our products are designed to meet the food manufacturing industry standards like HACCP, ISO22000 & BRC.
Santex exclusively imports and distributes all disposable products. Our formula for success consists of collaboration with the best manufacturers of each product in order to guarantee a firm line of quality and service. In the market that is increasingly demanding, product quality is one of our completed objectives. The distribution and sale of our products is done exclusively through our network of distributors.
Gompels HealthCare Ltd are family run, specialist wholesaler supplying everyday healthcare, janitorial and catering products across the UK. Our aim is to supply the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, with fast delivery and fantastic level of customer service.
Pro-Val provide comprehensive range of products for commercial and industrial usage under our Pro-Val brand name. From disposable gloves to freezer wear to respirators and everything in between, you are sure to find the clothing and equipment you need in our collection of high quality protective wear.
Regal disposable opened its doors for trade 23 years ago. From humble beginnings trading on the road, we forged iron relationships with clients, many of whom, we are proud to say, remain by our side to this very day. We have been entrusted to deliver for the cars you drive, the food you eat and the health care you receive. From day one, we gazed far beyond the horizon, with visions of expansion to shores far from our own. After all, an empire knows no boundaries.
PIP Global is a leading supplier of Hand Protection and Personal Protective Equipment to wholesalers and distributors worldwide. With locations throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia, PIP's mission of "Bringing the Best of the World to You®" is fulfilled everyday by providing best-in-class safety products worldwide.
There are many other distributors located in Europe,America. We can't list all, only these distributors I'm make deals with.

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