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Vitrile disposable gloves are more popular than vinyl disposable gloves

Jacky Chan, Aug 15,2021
disposable vitrile glove

Vitrile disposable glove is made from unique blend of Vinyl & Nitrile gloves. It also protects against common household chemical products like nitrile glove and solvents which makes them perfect for food preparation, auto care, hair coloring like vinyl glove. It has better tensile strength than vinyl glove, and cheaper price than nitrile glove, so it's more and more popular in disposable glove market.
The following picture showed you good tensile strength. Vitrile gloves are great choose if you have an allergy to latex, as they are latex free and safe to use. Beside you can use nitrile glove in food handling as vinyl/nitrile glove, they provide reliable barrier protection and resistance to chemicals including 10% hydrochloric acid, 10% sodium hypochlorite, 10% formaldehyde and 4% chlorhexidine. When it's hard to get nitrile glove in the market, vitrile glove is best substitute. Until now, COVID-19 is still hard to control spread in the world, and southeast nitrile glove factories are closed. There will be a big demand of nitrile exam glove in the future. For all I know, most Chinese bosses started to invest on nitrile glove plants. More and more nitrile gloves production lines are working now. However, its high cost price and plant environmental problem stopped some investors developed. So vitrile glove is explored by vinyl glove factories.

vitrile glove

Vitrile glove is a kind of synthetic glove as mixed nitrile and vinyl. It's easy to produce vitrile glove for vinyl glove factories. In 2020, vinyl disposable glove is lack as PPE against COVID-19 in daily life. This situation is changed as COVID-19 vaccination is required in 2021. Personal protective glove like vinyl glove, pe glove aren't used frequently as usual. But nitrile glove is mainly used in medical COVID-19 inspection, it consumed very large in hospital. Vaccinated people are still infected by delta virus. The nurse usually wear nitrile or latex glove to do nucleic acid testing. If nitrile or latex glove is shortage supply, they will choose vitrile glove as it has same tensile strength as nitrile/latex glove.

Vinyl disposable glove is our main products, and I worked in selling it for many years, cheaper price than nitrile/latex glove. We explored vitrile glove as customers' required and sold it very well. If you can't purchase nitrile glove hard, you choose vitrile glove instead of it. Welcome to inquire me at any time.

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