What is current shipping market situation?

Jacky Chan, Sep 10, 2021
the shipping container situation

Indian shipping routes, end of Aug , early Sep vessels increase $1000 each 20GP, $2000 each 40HQ;

North American routes remain super busy, will last half year of 2022, and keep increasing;

European routes are basically stable now, but the vessels and spaces are very limited, need to book in advance, especially 20GP overweighted containers;
Middle East rather stable now, $5000-$6000 each 20ft, $7000-$9000 each 40HQ, but 20GP overweighted containers can only arrange in MSC every Tuesday vessel
South Africa, West Africa, continue no vessels.. The freight has been doubled..

MSK will not release any space except west Africa..

Centra & Latin America has increasing recently a lot..

In coming 3-4 months, all shipping routes will not reduce freight dramatically, in bigger chances will still increase the freight.. Any new plans, better prepare in advance..

One of the largest container terminals in Russia, Vostochnaya Stevedoring Company (VSC) stopped its coal handling services and by the end of the year, the capacities will be adapted for container storage.

As part of the National Shipper Advisory Committee, the likes of Wal-Mart, Amazon, and DuPont will give guidance to the Federal Maritime Commission as the federal agency steps up its monitoring of the industry.

Are your business affected by shipping this year?

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