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Chinese ration electricity will increase disposable glove price

Jacky Chan Oct.10, 2021

Several Chinese provinces have imposed electricity rationing to critical sectors in recent weeks due to efforts to conserve fuel stocks ahead of the critical winter heating season, high coal and gas prices limiting generation capacity, and tighter energy consumption targets towards the end of the year.

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China's power supply situation has been tight for several months as the country's power consumption surged this year on the back of a strong economic recovery from the pandemic, but power supply failed to catch up. The peak summer demand season is about to end towards late September, and its an unusual time for electricity supply to be cut.
China's total power consumption increased 13.8% over January-August, while power generation only increased 11.3% over the same period, according to data from the country's top economic policy maker National Development and Reform Commission.
The power rationing could temporarily reduce industrial energy demand and ease pressure on power utilities, allowing them to increase coal stocks before winter arrives to guarantee supply to residential users during the heating season, several market sources said, adding that if the supply-demand imbalance cannot be resolved "it is better to implement electricity rationing now than in cold winter."

Jiangsu and Anhui province is starting to ration electricity. Most of disposable glove plants are located in these two province. As far as I know, glove plants are stopped to produce. Chemical raw material price is increasing more and more. So glove price have to be increased too. Now some glove company didn’t offer their sale price. I think the glove price will be increasing by the end of this year. Our price will be increased as market changed. If you need to purchase disposable glove, you should consider to place orders sooner.

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