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How much money can build a glove factory?

Jacky Chan, Jan.24, 2021
disposable glove factory

At the end of 2019, COVID-19 outbreak at Wuhan in China. Most of Chinese cities are closed as more and more coronavirus cases happened in Wuhan city. In order to control COVID-19 spread out,the government issued official notice to require all people to stay at home, not allowed to be outside. It continued more than one month liked this situation.At last, most factories are stopped, except medical product factories are workable all the time. Personal Protective Equipment are shortage supply.For instance, disposable face mask, disposable glove, disposable Isolation gowns and so on. At the beginning of March, Wuhan coronavirus is under controlled by government. China wants to reopen economy and recover to produce PPE products. So many bosses invest the money in manufacturing face mask and other medical products. The price of face mask are raised quickly as well as its raw material called meltblown price is increased.The meltblown price is increasing every day and reached summit price in historical record.
In April, face mask is in abundant supply in national market. However, foreign countries happened Covid-19 cases.Some traders start to purchase plenty of face masks in order to export. No matter what the quality is, many bad face masks are sold to America and Europe. As the result,Chinese official leaders received more and more complaints from foreign countries. At last,Chinese government pay more attention on the quality of face mask and only allow the manufacturer has medical certificates can export face mask. But the smell of the businessman is more sensitive than other persons. They find other profitable products, that is disposable protective gloves. Such as disposable vinyl glove, disposable poly glove,disposable nitrile glove, etc.
Now, let me talk about disposable vinyl glove factories at first,because I'm working in this field many years and very familiar with disposable vinyl glove industry. Strictly speaking,disposable vinyl glove isn't used as medical glove while it can protect you against Coronavirus touch. So its demand is very high in America, especially USA. Its market prospect is better than face mask as foreign people get used to wearing disposable gloves in daily life. How much money can you build a new glove factory? I make the following sheet, you can calculate as cost.
disposable glove factories
A.Vinyl glove
To build a vinyl glove factory, eight production lines and 30 MT Industrial boiler are best group and economic benefit are high. My former boss started to do vinyl glove business from 8 lines. Main mechanical facilities are auto demoulding machine and auto counting device. Twenty years ago, demoulding and counting are manual work. Laborer salary is gone up in some good developed cities.So some glove factories are moved to second developing cities. This is one of many reasons while main reason is environment protection. First and second large cities like Shanghai,Suzhou, Wuxi, local government doesn’t allow to burn coal as power in industrial boiler,only used natural gas. Land price is higher and higher at the same time.
B.Nitrile glove
Nitrile glove production line is different from vinyl glove. Its line is higher and longer than vinyl glove. Water pollution control is more severe by local government. Another disadvantage is Nitrile rubber raw material is imported from Thailand and Malaysia. You can find most nitrile glove factories are from Malaysia and Thailand. Famous brands are Top glove, SuperMax, Ammex.
C.Latex glove
Latex glove is similar like nitrile glove, invest to make medical surgical glove is more competitive. Its sales price higher than general latex glove.As far as I know, latex glove factory is few in China.
D. Pe glove
Pe making machines are cheaper and workshop is smaller. You just rent a building to start it. It's easy to get it for investors. In Zhangjiagang city, there are more than 300 factories now. It's double quantity as before.
At the end, Covid-19 changed the fortune of most factories. I hope it will be finished and the life is recovered to normal sooner.

disposable glove factory

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